I Can’t Even


My current art practice is situated within digital art, focusing on internet language and themes that tackle Hybridity, Intersectionality, New Sincerity and the Post-Digital.

The project’s main focus was to explore and visualise the ‘grey area’ in which I operate. Humour is the primary tone used when generating responses to issues involving my identity. Stereotypical characters manifest themselves as placeholders for who I am as well as who I am not.

Because my practice is a cathartic process, external experiences drive and determine the output and the mood. Crude, low-resolution and nonsensical images called Memes, online games, music videos, TV shows, endless scrolling through social networking feeds, swiping, clicking and the soft artificial glow of light from screens provided comfort. Images are appropriated based on what I personally identify with, their resolution and quality betraying the screens they are derived from.

My final work functions as a rebellion as well as an affirmation of how the internet space can host marginalised and fragmented identities such as myself.