I am a queer Pinay artist based in Auckland, graduating with First Division Honours from the ELAM School of Fine Arts in 2017.

My current practice is situated within the digital medium, focusing on internet language and themes that tackle Hybridity, Intersectionality, New Sincerity and the Post-Digital. They range between Moving Image, Photography, Illustration, Design and Painting. I collate and compound ‘fast’ images with more intimate images to blur the lines between the virtual and the ‘real’ representation of the self. Living as a marginalised individual, generating an online reality allows for rebellion against the physical one. Avatars, both in game and in social media such as Instagram, not only present our ideal image but also hold power by influencing and determining how society interacts with our actual organic body.

I see my art as an extension of myself. By placing it in the public platform, I hope to share the way a queer, migrant, woman of colour navigates Aotearoa and the wider world; online and ‘irl’.

BFA Honours Grad Show Page – my grad work feature on the ELAM website

Honours Project Research – a more detailed workbook/diary approach to my 1 year Honours Project

Instagram Account (Personal) – intimate blog posts all processed thru Android

Soundcloud Account – DJ portfolio

Contact: mariadelle_gamit@hotmail.co.nz