Inumaga (Overtaken By Morning)


work from the group show ‘Under Your Skin You Look Divine’ for Auckland Pride 2018, curated by Dan Sanders and hosted at Basement Club.



The Manananggal is seen as an embodiment of an un-Filipino woman. They are a product of colonial Spain’s antagonisation of shamans, healers and midwives; a product of the patriarchal church’s demonisation of female sexuality, promiscuity and independence.

‘Inumaga’ portrays the Manananggal as a creature that possesses evolving qualities and multi-dimensional characteristics. It reinforces queerness, the strength of femininity and the power of the virtual space.



She is the OG Unapologetic Filipina bad bitch.

For her a bad Tinder date means a good meal.

She parties all night and comes home before the sunrise.




(Malakas Bunganga (Opinionated) was unable to be displayed for the show due to technical difficulties)

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