Āhua Exhibition 3 – ‘Re-framing Karakia’

diwà [noun] meaning; thought; spirit; essence; point.

Maiikling Pananalangin(Short Prayers) is the artist’s so-called “quick fixes” to the constant challenges of articulating the many contradictions of life. These prayers or specifically ‘pagsasadiwà’ are hybrids of suggested actions and objects that are put in practice by the artist in an attempt to achieve balance within the parameters of knowledge, body and language. Raised Catholic, this arrangement brings to mind an altar or shrine set-up that one may find at their own home. Reminiscent of an Evangelion Angel and implied by the fragile shape and textures, these prayers are not necessarily a fix-all, and at times – detrimental.

‘Maiikling Pananalangin’, 3D (Maya) animation, as shown at Studio One Toi Tū Gallery, Karangahape Road

Photos from the exhibition with credit to Studio One Toi Tū Gallery and Billy Gamit.

A still image render of the work was also featured as a part of the MAP (Make Art Public) Projects on 1 Ponsonby Road.

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